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Emergency & Safety Training



HSI Remote Skills Verification for CPR/AED & First Aid (Up to 10 Students)


The Most Practical and Convenient Method of Attaining Certification via On-line! Perfect for companies with large groups that need to be trained in a short time while staying safe!


RSV with blended learning is the perfect combination of cognitive learning with flexible and remote skills verification guided by a live authorized instructor.

Employer Benefits


Offers flexible, convenient scheduling

Saves money and improves productivity by reducing class time for your employees

Certifications cards are available in a digital format

Fully integrated, user-friendly LMS tracks, notifies, and maintains records

Student Benefits


Self-directed study appeals to adult learners

Select a time and location to connect that is best for you

Memorable, easy-to-understand video learning that helps build confidence

Remote skills sessions from authorized instructors for required hands-on practice

Class topics:


• Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)


• CPR and Defibrillation


• Chain of Survival


• Assessment & Chest Compressions


• Rescue Breathing & Using a CPR Mask


• Using an AED


• Relief of Choking


• First Aid Assessment


• Taking Precautions


• Activating EMS and/or EAP


• Responding to External and Internal




• Direct Manual Pressure & Bandaging


• Using a Tourniquet (Improvised


and Commercial)


• Shock


• Minor Wounds


• Tooth and Eye Injuries


• Amputated Body Parts


• Open Wounds


• Head, Neck, or Spinal Injury


• Concussion


• Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries


• Splinting


• Burns


• Altered Mental States


• Poisoning


• Opioid-Associated Emergency


• Difculty Breathing and Asthma


• Severe Allergic Reaction (Anaphylaxis)


• Using an Epinephrine Autoinjector


(such as EpiPen®)


• Heart Attack


• Stroke


• Seizure


• Diabetes and Hypoglycemia


• Presyncope and Syncope


• Heat and Cold Emergencies


• Bites and Stings

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